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Hi friend! I'm Emma and I live in Dubai with my husband Neal and our rescue dogs Bella and Lily. I'm using this space to share some snapshots of my life and information about my current venture - Hello Greenwood Stitch Shop.

Want to find out some more?

Neal and I are both from the UK, and we've been living in the UAE since June 2012 thanks to a fantastic job opportunity for Neal. My trade has traditionally been in number crunching but 2014 was the year where I gave all that up and began my own dream job - doing what I enjoy.

I love to explore new places (perhaps that's why I married a pilot) and try new things. My trusty Nikon camera usually comes along on these adventures with me, although my iphone comes in handy sometimes too. 

I also love to 'make stuff', to study the science of people, to draw, to read and to write. I dream of one day adding 'speak French' to that list but right now my foreign language skills are limited to ordering sandwiches and giving directions. 

My 30th birthday just passed, causing me to engage in an unreasonable amount of introspection and also the checking off of 'things I've always meant to try, see, read, write, taste, wear…' and on and on. The Stitch Shop is a bit of an experiment to see what I can do with some free time and place to sell lovely things. So far I'm enjoying it a lot. I've met some great people, been able to play with some of my ideas and made a bit of spending money too.

My view on life is all about 'just doing it'. I'm constantly trying (and admittedly sometimes failing) to do both the great and the painful stuff at the first available opportunity. Embracing the moment, living in the now, that kind of thing. I try to remind myself that 'someday' is not in my diary, but 'today' always is. I want to say yes to as much as I can in life and make the most of the my incredibly lucky situation. The 'YES' mentality means I sometimes end up in unexpected places, doing unimaginable things but so far it has brought me a great deal of fun and I would encourage anyone to try it. 

Thank you for stopping by. If you'd like to get in touch about the shop, photography, Dubai or just to say hello - I'd love that. Just email me on emma@hello-greenwood.com
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