Friday, 1 January 2016


The year that I:

Felt proud of Neal flying the A380

Checked Petra off my bucket list

Started a career in dog training

Placed my first ever bet in Las Vegas

Qualified as a RYA Day Skipper

Fell in love with my Apple Watch

Suffered my first dog bite

Fostered (and fell in love with) Arthur the dog

Began year number 4 of Dubai living

Collided with another car twice - neither time my fault

Lunched at the stunning Burgh Island Hotel

Rode a sea tractor

Watched Take That perform in Dubai

Flew through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter

Bought a house

Met beautiful baby Elodie

Made bread sauce on Christmas Day (and shared it with friends)


I'm so grateful to my friends, family and health for making all these things happen. Life is good.

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