Friday, 6 February 2015

Some changes around here

I feel that my ultimate-extra-long-gap-year may be finally drawing to close in the next few months. Because of this I've been reviewing all the things I wanted to achieve with that time on my hands and how much progress (or lack thereof I have made). One of the big things on my list was this blog. I wanted to create:

- somewhere I could save my thoughts
- a place to share information on my little business ventures
- something that reflected my style
- a way to share some of the billion photographs I take each week

The number of people reading this has never really been a concern for me (in fact I find it hard to tell people I know in the 'real world' about this space at all). I have always tried to keep true to myself and write with the voice I hear in my head which sometimes makes me nervous to put anything out there. But it has got easier. 

Last week I decided needed a little face lift. I bought a super simple template from one of my favourite places for blog knowledge - the wonder forest. I had long hoped to write my own blogger template but I was finding it kind of stressful, so I decided there was something wonderful about admitting defeat and supporting a fellow blogger for the time being. One day I will get back to coding but right now I'm concentrating on getting jobs done - and this way worked out just fine. 

I also simplified my banner up at the top there, and I added some category links in the side bar on the left. The hardest part for me was taking some pictures of myself that I wasn't horrified to put out in the world (yes that's how I normally feel about selfies - horrified!).

I'm quite pleased with this little home on the web of mine. Gap year or not, I feel I'm in a position to keep writing and sharing here and be proud of what I've created. 

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  1. I found myself nodding as you stated that you find it hard to tell your "real world" friends about your blog. I feel the exact same way. Isn't it odd? But, I love your style of photography!


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