Thursday, 8 January 2015

Playing tourists

One of the great things about having guests with us in Dubai is that we can totally indulge our 'inner tourist'. I mean, I would never normally take my camera out to the mall with me, but hey - today I'm a tourist here. We pretty much packed in the activities while my parents and sister were visiting, and still we only ticked off about half my list of suggestions. Some of the best (and most photogenic) days out were:

- A trip to the creek for some old Dubai. I love to walk along the waterside where the traders unload and reload the dhows until they are uncomfortably low in the water. Of course a trip to the creek is incomplete without some shopping in the souq. I love to haggle and joke with the merchants. I probably still end up paying too much but the game of getting the price lower is part of the fun.

- A day out exploring Hatta's forts and playing in the rock pools. It was so nice to get away from the city and out somewhere new. Hatta's mountain landscape is impressive, especially when the eyes are so used to skyscrapers. The highlight for me was paddling in the the pools of cool water. I'm already planning on going back sometime and swimming in the deeper areas.

- A desert safari (organised by Arabian Adventures). This was a great way to take a day off from being tour guide and put someone else in the driving seat (literally). The itinerary included camel riding, dune bashing, henna tattoos and a falcon display. The food was great too, and I secretly love knowing the names and ingredients of the arabic food, which would have completely stumped me a few years ago.

Now all my guests have left it's time to revert back to living here rather than touring. On with 2015... 

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