Sunday, 25 January 2015

Doing big things with small changes

Perhaps it's because I was under the weather at the beginning of January, but for some reason I'm just not into the whole big resolution deal this year. A week back I was almost tempted to say, 'well I've missed the boat for 2015, we'll just do some work in 2016 instead'. Right now I'm feeling like small changes are the way forward for me so I'm going to embrace it and see what happens. Some of the things I'm going to work on are: 

Make more of the morning - I am so grateful that I'm not forced out of bed at 7am any more to get off for work, but I feel I am also missing out a bit too. By setting my alarm a little earlier, I'm going to try to make the most of my mornings. Finish a project before lunch time, get the apartment looking good before going out and most ambitiously, watch the sun rise some time.

Cut out the sugary drinks - A few years back I decided to cut soft drinks out of my diet. That was pretty successful and more importantly not too painful a change. This summer however, I found myself pick up a new unhealthy drink of choice - the devilishly sweet Starbucks (or Costa or Cafe Nero) creamy caramely cold drinks. I'm pretty sure these are even worse for me than the Coke so I'm scaling back. Not totally, but maybe it can be an occasional treat rather than a regular go-to. 

Keep making stuff - I'm still enjoying making stuff so much but sometimes I struggle to keep the momentum going on bigger projects. I'm a bit of a 'starter' and not so great at finishing. The Stitch Shop was a great kick up the bum and made finishing stuff easy but now the next project is awaiting. I have a handful of ideas for products to add to the shop and things I just want to do for myself. I need to keep finding the time to try things and more importantly to finish them. 

Up my step count - I'm still loving my Fitbit and this year I'm upping my step target. An extra thousand steps a day adds up to... well a heckofalot more work for 2015. But I'm not really phased at all, perhaps the summer will be tough, but that'll be a good time to make real friends with the treadmill. Roll on 11,000 steps per day.

I know for sure that these are things more easily achieved than the usual yearly goal, and that makes me feel great. None of this is daunting, and I can feel super excited to see how I get on. Hooray for teeny tiny challenges!

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