Sunday, 14 December 2014

Life - The one where we're happy it's winter

It's winter in the UAE which means, home-sickness aside, Dubai dwellers are a little bit happier than usual. We can walk around outside, we can have our windows open, we can wear hats without getting super sweaty heads. Happy days.

Bella and Lily have been sporting their beautiful matching collars, made for us by the wonderfully talented and awesome to work with Claire Emeleus. I gave Claire a Pinterest board of arabic inspiration and she did the rest of the work. I love how these two look when we walk out together now. They may be from the rescue centre but my pups are still the smartest in town.

I'm wrapping up things at the Stitch Shop, with just one more event before Christmas. Then I need to make a decision on where it goes next. It's been a fun project, but I don't want to keep going until I hate the sight of felt. Spring could be an opportunity for some new lines or just a break. I don't think I can make that decision until I've had a few weeks of time out.

I'm getting crazy excited about Christmas, I'm busy decking the halls and ding-donging merrily. I shared this morning's project on instagram… I just love this time of year.

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