Wednesday, 31 December 2014


The year that I:

Taught myself to code using codecademy

Rode a horse without a hard hat

Started year 3 of Dubai life

Adopted two dogs and photographed several

Tried indoor skydiving

Learnt loads about photography and upgraded my camera from Nikon D40 to 610

Was told I look like Julia Roberts (and was secretly thrilled)

Welcomed baby Lorelei into the world

Grew my fringe out, cut my fringe back in, started growing my fringe back out again

Watched my sister graduate university on the same stage that I did 9 years ago

Started my own small business

Bleached my hair for the first time

Visited Jane Austen's house

Watched my Dad beat cancer

Got back into running

Created a budget garden balcony

Made friends and lost family

Shocked a few people by modelling for some fantastic photographers

Became addicted to Revenge, Orange is the New Black and Serial

Gave up my Spotify subscription

Watched Neal become a god-father

Fed a giraffe

Started my Audible subscription

Made my first ice cream pie

Thank you to everyone that made these special moments possible and read about them here. I'm so excited to see what 2015 has to hold...

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