Saturday, 8 November 2014

Why I ran 10k yesterday when I hate running

The finish line!

Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed at 5am to run the 10km course at the Dubai Women's Run. And you know what? I hate running

I often ask myself, normally mid run, why the hell I do this - but the answer is always the same. I love a challenge. I love a goal. I love a bunch of numbers to aim for. So I run. I put one foot in front of the other until I've made my target. Simple. I'm not the fastest runner and I certainly don't have great form, but I can finish a race. And that for me is enough. 

Next time I will probably still hate running, but I will do it again and aim for a few seconds faster. And when I finish a run like that, I take the rush of achievement gained from crossing that finish line and I will apply it to something else. Because I know that if I can run a 10k course and hate it, I can make my next goal too. I think my next goal might be healthy eating related, and for me that's a lot harder than any running challenge I can set myself, but I know what I can do when I put my mind to something.

And on another note - making my 10,000 steps goal before 8am was a really awesome feeling - I love my Fitbit! 

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