Thursday, 6 November 2014

Life - the one where puppies wear spectacles

Tula likes to read

Training in the sand

Capsicum seedlings - 3 weeks on

Finally - everything's going on outdoors again! The temperature here has dropped back to the realms of tolerable and we are no longer slaves to the aircon and we've really been making the most of it.

Tula the Havanese pup stayed with us for a few days and I totally indulged in dressing her up and taking cute photos - something Bella and Lily would never allow. I took a series of Tula's holiday snaps, and generally had fun with a little cuddle monster around the house.

Out of the house, the running training has been upped and I'm finally able to step away from the treadmill. I'm still loving the Nike Running app for tracking and run feedback, which I've been using for years now. I love having all my stats in one place for those days when I want to indulge in a bit of analysis - yes my guilty pleasures are somewhat nerdy. 

Also out of the house, if only by a small distance, my pepper plants are coming along strong on the balcony. I transplanted the seedlings complete with tissues, to some small tubs of potting soil and popped them in a sunny spot. They've needed daily watering, and some shelter on the more windy days, and they are shooting up. I've not been keeping track very well but I think this is about 3 weeks into the experiment.

The week ahead has plenty of Stitch Shop prep scheduled so I'll be looking for a way to set up my work bench outside to make the most of the weather. Let's hope this breeze drops or it will be raining felt shapes all over Downtown Dubai.

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