Saturday, 29 November 2014

A little about me

So I'm twenty something posts in to this blog, I thought it was time I wrote a little about me.

Things you probably didn't know...

I'm super camera shy. I hate having my photo taken. I can never seem to get it right, the smile, the pose, the eyes - at least one out of three is wrong. Because of this I am very protective of the photos of me that are out there, I'm a serial Facebook untagger. This fact is made even weirder by the fact that I will happily model for photographer friends. If I'm made up and dressed up I'm no longer me and I've done some pretty weird stuff in front of the camera as model Emma, but never as real Emma.

I cannot leave the house until the bed is made. Since we got the dogs, I've had to let my standards slip, but I'm still very house proud. I can't relax until my home is tidy, and I cannot get on with my day until the bed is made. Right now, our robot vacuum is a life saver for keeping on top of dog hair and that desert sand that manages to make it's way indoors no matter how I try to keep it out.

I love to number crunch. Seriously, the first thing I did when setting up the Stitch Shop, was create a spreadsheet. Then when I was happy with the numbers, I started the creative part. I can tell you at any day of the week exactly what my profit margins are thanks to my Excel wizardry (though I probably won't as that would be weird). As much as I would like not to be, I'm pretty sure I'm one of those left brain people.

I'm terrible in the kitchen. I find food essentially boring and would give it up tomorrow if a way of feeling full and staying healthy were invented. Perhaps being a vegetarian adds to my food woes, as there is so much stuff that I consider off limits, but I won't be giving it up any time soon. That said, I have a few recipes that I'm good at, and I like to experiment, but overall, I'd rather the food was made by someone who knows what they're doing.

Exercise is my drug of choice. I don't always enjoy it, but I do know that it works for me in a way that no other mood boosting technique ever has. I like to do it first thing in the morning, either hit the gym, take a run or get to a class, then I know it's out of the way. I'm still working on what to do about the sweaty hair problem - if anyone has an answer to that, I'd be the first to back it on Kickstarter.

So there we have it - now that's out of the way, I won't need to share another selfie for a while I hope!

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