Sunday, 19 October 2014

Where Emma talks about reading again

If you didn't get bored by my last musings on the topic of reading - here's some more.

How do you read? Before reading this article I'd never really thought about it before. But research shows that reading slowly is beneficial to your brain and that made me think about my reading habits. 

My top reading opportunities are: 

  • Winding down before I go to sleep
  • While I eat my breakfast
  • On the stationary bike in the gym
  • Whilst sitting by the pool (a bit of a luxury these days!)

Do I ever just sit down and dedicate time to reading a book? Very rarely. Partly because I like to multitask and partly because I would feel guilty about it, I never really indulge in solely book reading. Now I think about it that makes me pretty sad. I've probably skim read over some brilliant paragraphs, and picked up my phone when I could have been engrossed in a story. 

I'm not sure that a reading club is the way forward for me, but I am resolving to cut down the time spent scrolling through Facebook, and replace some of it with some slow reading. Reading every word, visualising every metaphor, empathising with every character. Yes I will read with my cereal still, and use a book to help me beat the gym boredom sometimes, but I will also curl up in a chair, turn off my phone and just dive in occasionally. Because lower stress and higher concentration are things I could really benefit… oh bloody hell… there's someone at the door…. 

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