Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Life - the one where we can finally think about the outdoors again

To do list

Lily and Bella take over the sofa

Capsicum seedlings

There's been a lot going on around here recently. A cool breeze is making it's way into Downtown Dubai so the balcony is finally back in use. I'm working on getting some greenery out there for this winter. My first experiments seem to be going well. I planted a clipping of some (unknown to me) kind of succulent left by the gardeners at the park and it seems to be thriving. I'm also playing with growing peppers from the seeds, checking up on the little sprouts is daily entertainment for me. 

I'm working on a newsletter for the shop, but boy is that kind of writing hard. The last thing I want to do is to add another boring salesy email to your inbox, but I do want to spread the word about what's going on and where you can see me next. If you're interested, just pop your email address into the link in the sidebar, and when I finally get something written you will be among the first to know. 

Bella and Lily are getting along better together every day. Only in the last few days have we seen them sitting close together, perhaps not enjoy each others company yet but tolerating it at least. We are upping their training regime to try to ensure that we can all work together well in this tiny apartment but I think for now the sofa is lost to the human folk of this home. 

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