Friday, 24 October 2014

Do you fitbit?

It's sad to think that the news about the Apple watch coming next year might be the end of the Fitbit. I'm a big fan of my Fitbit Flex. Since buying it in August, the Fitbit has been off my wrist for about 5 minutes each day and only then because I choose not to wear it in the shower.

Actually - I should probably explain… the Fitbit is one of the many gadgets out there designed to measure our everyday activities and motivate a more active lifestyle. More active = getting in better shape. It's not a new concept, but during the hot summer we've just emerged from, I wanted to make sure I wasn't letting my standards slip, so I invested. 

Given that I'm a massively goal motivated person, it's not surprising that a daily target with up-to-the-minute updates is a good way for me to go. So far I've been using the step counter and the sleep monitor functions the most. Having a number of steps to make every day has been a nice way to gain a sense of achievement without a huge amount of effort. I've left the goal at 10,000 steps, and I've been making that easily most days. It's been a good reason to head to the gym, walk the dogs a little longer or just skip around the apartment. And with the sleep monitor I have found that I'm actually not sleeping as much as I thought I was - which makes me feel much better knowing there's a reason for those tired days. I used the silent alarm for a while too, but honestly it was way to easy to go back to sleep for it to be sensible for me!

It goes without saying that this is not going to change your life without any effort. But if you're willing to play the game, which is essentially you versus yourself - it may help you to make some improvements to your lifestyle. And perhaps, once you've built those good habits, you won't need to wear the bracelet any more and that would  be pretty cool too.

Small print: These opinions are entirely my own and this is not a sponsored post. However links in this post are affiliate links. I may make a small amount from Amazon if you buy this way.

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