Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Life - the one with the cute house guest

We have the cutest house guest at the moment. Tula the Havanese puppy is keeping Bella company while her parents go on holiday. She is such a bundle of fun, they love to tumble around together until I'm terrified someone's going to lose their eye. It kind of gives me an insight into what my Mum must have been thinking all those times I was told not to run with scissors. Dog parenting is pretty stressful you know. 

My philodendron has a mind of it's own and is growing at a rapid pace. In my houseplant experience (which is limited to about 2 years) I've found that plants bought from Ikea are just as likely to thrive as the more expensive garden centre variety and cost about half the price. This one is a great example. On a side note I've read that philodendron are poisonous to dogs! I'm keeping this one on a high shelf. 

And finally, my friend Steph and I tried out the ice cream parlour at the new Dubai branch of Fortnum and Mason this week. After 3 huge scoops, we could have continued eating much longer - it was so tasty. Definitely one to keep in mind for a treat if you have a sweet tooth. The trip is worth it to admire the beautiful decor alone. 

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