Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life - the one with the felt flamingo

This week's been a quiet one. We are slogging through the summer months quietly, waiting for the heat to reside and life to get back to normal. Mostly I am staying indoors. To keep myself busy I've picked up a needle and thread again, trying to make something fun out of some scraps I have around here. If I really put my mind to it I think there could be a creative business idea blossoming in the back of my mind but we'll see if that blooms or dies in the air-con. 

I'm trying to eat healthily and shop conscientiously. The prices of good groceries in Dubai are enough to make anyone want to cut down on food. I find myself stressing out having to choose between good quality and good value. Thinking outside the box a little with food is hard work for me, but my friend google and I have come across some awesome recipes that might help…Anyone fancy zucchini fritters, vichyssoise or home-made gnocchi? Yum. 

And finally I just couldn't resist sharing a snap I took of my favourite sausage dog, Gracie. What a cutie!

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