Friday, 13 June 2014

Life - the one with the Regency hat

With only a few days to spare in London, Neal and I have been squeezing a lot in. 

On a sunny day there is nothing more wonderful than wandering the big city. The V&A is currently hosting a wedding dress exhibition, and the British Museum is featuring Vikings. Both are worth a stop if you're nearby. The bonus for me was just walking around and soaking up all that Londony goodness.  

I don't know how I managed to wait 30 years before doing this, but I finally got to visit Jane Austen's house in Hampshire. Even for an Austen fan like myself, the museum doesn't take a whole day (ok - maybe add an extra half hour if you can't resist trying on a Regency style hat from the dressing up box) so a stop in the tea room across the road is a must. 

Also, I've developed an obsession with pinecones. What little wonders of nature they are. Right now I find my photo stream full of pinecone pictures and I'll definitely fitting a few in my suitcase to fill an empty bowl or vase somewhere. 

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