Saturday, 3 May 2014

10 things to do with those empty jars in your cupboard

10 things to do with empty jars

So this week I started thinking about how I hate clutter and how I also hate to throw anything away that might one day be useful. These traits can easily be traced back to my Mum and Dad respectively and cause a great deal of internal conflict. I guess I'm a real oxymoron. For this reason I have a cupboard full of empty glass jars, and to justify their shelf space, I often try to find new things to do with them. I bet the collection of such glass jar ideas is exactly what the creators of pinterest had in mind when they were at the drawing board. Here are a few of my plans:

1} Make a little pot for a little plant.

2} Use a jar as a place to collect bits and bobs. Make a home for lost buttons and coins from the bottom of your pocket.

a jar trap

3} Combine with some sturdy card, and you have a fool proof method for catching spiders (or anything else thats loitering around).

4} Wrap a jar in wool (or "yarn") and make some pretty decor for your home. This one is sooo cute!.

5} Make your own tiny terrarium. There's a great tutorial here. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd do when staying with my grandma 20 years ago - I lurve all things mini!

buttons in a jar

6} Tiny jars make great crafty storage. I use jars to organise my ribbons, buttons, whatsits and doo-dahs.

7} Store home made salad dressings and they'll be nice and airtight.

8} Pop in some pretty stones and a little candle for a cute candle holder.

9} Get a head start ready for christmas and make a cookie in a jar gift. I've never tried this but I love the idea. There's lots of recipes here.

10} Long tall jars make a great make-shift vase. Tie some ribbon around the outside and pop in a handpicked flower (or pinwheel if you have more paper around than flowers) to bring some colour to your home.

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