Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Life - the one with all the shopping

My Mum's in town so I've had my tour guide hat on this week. I've had various levels of success with the souks before and spent many an hour lost on the back streets of the older areas of Dubai, but I feel like finally this time I got it right. 

We took plenty of cash (just in case!) and set off mid morning in a taxi. We wandered through the alleyways of the souks, bartered and joked with the stall holders and took in the sights and sounds. We braved a timeworn abra to take us across the creek, a bargain at 1 dirham per person (about 20 cents), along with about a dozen strangers.  

It's lucky that we took plenty of cash as it's more than easy to spend on spices, gold, fabrics and handmade Iranian treasures. In just a few hours, I picked up shoes, lamps and pottery that I had no intention of coming home with. We finished our trip with a much needed cold drink and lunch of hummus and tabouleh while watching the boats slip by, much as they have done for hundred of years. 

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