Thursday, 30 January 2014

Assume the position - Dubai Show Jumping Championships

My own experience of jumping fences while mounted on a horse has ended in many bruises and bad memories for me. As a riding student even now, being told to 'assume the jumping position' is to fight the urge to run to the nearest dark room, rather than lift my behind and bend my knees. Even thinking of those 3 tiny fences in my school brings my heart somewhere up near to my wisdom teeth. You get the picture… show jumping is very much a spectator sport for me. But - oh - how impressive it is.

The Emirates Equestrian Centre hosted the Dubai Show Jumping Championships this week. It's a bit of a trek out to International Endurance City, but the stables and arenas are pretty impressive, as are the desert surroundings. OK - so I'm not tempted to have a go again any time soon, but there's still something wonderful about stretching out a grassy slope and watching what man and horse can achieve together. And the feeling of letting out that lung full of breath when they land without incident, that's pretty good too. 

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