Monday, 18 November 2013

When you think you've seen just enough planes already - head to the Dubai Airshow

Like most things, there are pros and cons to being a pilot's wife. Cheap air travel - YEY! Subjection to endless aviation talk - BOO! I'll admit - many things that I used to find exciting about this airplane based life, I now find kind of dull. There was a fair chance that a day out at an air show might not flight my boat like it used to, but I was so pleased to be proven wrong. 

If nothing else, this year's Dubai Air Show gave me a great opportunity to play with my zoom lens, purchased for this summer's safari trip, because those pesky planes rarely pose for a close up. But there was other good stuff too. There was a pretty spectacular fly over from an Emirates A380 with the national aerobatic display team, Al Fursan. And as a true Brit, I'm always thrilled to see some of those mind blowing formations from the Red Arrows. 

The main problem of the day was the neck pains from staring at the sky for so long, and of course the inevitable stream of 'plane talk' that ensued on the drive home.

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